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How to Watch TikTok Without the App (1)

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Updated on February 26, 2024

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In This Article

  • Watch Without an App or Account
  • Watch TikTok Live Anonymously
  • Limitations
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What to Know

  • Open in a browser on your computer, phone, or tablet. Then, log in, or select Continue as guest.
  • Browse the main feed to watch popular TikTok videos or search for one via the search bar.
  • A TikTok account is needed to save, like, and comment on videos.

The easiest way to watch TikTok videos without downloading an app or creating a TikTok account is to simply use the official TikTok website in a web browser on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Here’s everything you need to know about using TikTok without the app or an account.

How to Watch Without an App or Account

The easiest method to browse TikTok and watch videos without an account or app is to simply visit the TikTok website and pick the guest option. Here’s how to use the TikTok website to search for videos and watch them.

You can even browse TikTok on an Xbox or PlayStation video game console using a web browser app like Microsoft Edge.

  1. Open the official TikTok website in a web browser of your choice.

  2. Select Continue as guest. If you're using a mobile browser, tap Not now.

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  3. Videos on the main feed play automatically as they appear on your screen. Select a video to view its full description and comments left by TikTok users.

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  4. Select the video to see comments and sharing options. You won’t be able to write a comment on the video or like it without a TikTok account, but you can still share it via the provided web link and share buttons.

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  5. Select the creator's profile picture or name to view their TikTok profile.

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  6. Select the X icon in the top-left corner to close the video and return to the main TikTok feed.

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  7. To search or browse TikTok without an account, enter a phrase into the search bar at the top of the TikTok website and choose from one of the suggested terms. The only items you can search for without a TikTok account are accounts (not videos).

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How to Watch TikTok Live Anonymously

All TikTok Live videos can be watched without an account on the TikTok desktop website via the Live tab on the left menu.

How to Watch TikTok Without the App (9)

Live broadcasts are accessible only if you're using the desktop website. If you're on a phone or tablet, you must switch to desktop mode (look through the app's menu for that option).

Viewing a TikTok live stream is completely anonymous when using the website while logged out, though just like with non-live videos, you will need to log in if you want to comment on a broadcast.

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You will also need to have a TikTok account and be logged in to send virtual gifts with TikTok coins.

Can I View TikTok Without an Account?

You can use TikTok without an account though you will not be able to do the following:

  • Comment on a video
  • Like a video
  • Like someone else’s comment on a TikTok
  • Follow a TikTok account
  • See which videos you've watched
  • Buy and use coins
  • Create a TikTok video of your own

How to Watch TikTok Videos Without Using TikTok

If you cannot, or simply don’t want to, use the official TikTok website or apps, you can still watch many TikTok videos on other platforms and services.

  • Watch TikTok videos on X (formerly Twitter). Many creators repost their TikToks as videos on X for their X followers to like and retweet. At the same time, most other users frequently share their favorite TikTok videos on the platform. Try exploring the Media tab when doing an X search.
  • Explore TikTok videos on Facebook. Lots of people also repost TikTok videos on Facebook. Like any other video, these can be watched on Facebook and don’t require a TikTok account or app installation. Check out a Facebook page’s Videos tab to see if they’ve uploaded any TikToks.
  • Watch TikTok compilations on YouTube. Many creators and influencers upload their TikTok videos to YouTube as YouTube Shorts and regular YouTube videos. Some people even edit several TikTok videos to create a unique compilation video. Try searching YouTube for “TikTok compilation” to see what’s available.
  • TikTok is massive on Instagram. While some people repost their TikTok videos as basic Instagram posts and Reels, these viral videos are massive when it comes to Instagram Stories due to their short runtime and vertical aspect ratio. Most TikTok creators will repost a TikTok as an Instagram Story as soon as it goes live.
How to Watch TikTok on Your TV


  • How do I download TikTok videos without the app?

    While you can watch videos on TikTok's website without signing in, the share options will be different, and you won't have the option to save (in fact, trying to share a TikTok video on your phone will likely just direct you to download the app). Some sites promise to convert TikTok videos into savable formats, but you should be careful with these. Specifically, never use one that asks for your login info.

  • How do I use the TikTok app without an account?

    The TikTok app requires you to be logged in to browse videos. Use the browser version instead.

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How to Watch TikTok Without the App (2024)
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