MHR Hunting Horn Build: Armor, Weapon, Stats & Skills (2024)

The Hunting Horn is one of the 14 weapons of the game, which has quite a peculiar move set. At the same time, certain weapons focus on pure offense and raw might. The hunting horn is known to be the most passive-aggressive weapon in the series. It is a weapon that provides essential buffs and benefits to you & other players.

Key Highlights

  • The Hunting Horn provides buffs and benefits passively.
  • Silkbind attacks utilize wirebugs for maneuverability.
  • Melodies offer crucial buffs during fights, with “Mind’s eye” and “Self-improvement” being key.
  • The best MHR Hunting Horn build is Dragon Heart, focusing on raw damage and compatible with high DPS attacks like the Earthshaker.
  • Recommended weapons include Rampage Agitato S and Tigrex Horn.
  • Key Rampage skills include Sharpness Type 3, Non-elemental boost, and Attack Melody 2.
  • The build prioritizes offense, operating optimally when the player’s health is at 80% or lower.

Let us first look at the summary of the Hunting Horn Build in MHR:

Silkbind AttacksMelodiesWeaponsSkillsArmorTalismanRecommended Stats
- Slide Beat
- Earthshaker
- Bead of Resonance
- Mind’s Eye
- Self-improvement
- Rampage Agitato S
- Togrex Horn
- Sharpness Type 3
- Non-elemental Boost
- Attack Melody
Valstrax Armor Set- Absolute Petalace
- Fatal Tempest Talisman
- Attack: 240
- Defense: 581
- Affinity: 25%
- Fire: -7
- Thunder: -7
- Water: -7
- Dragon: -7
- Ice: 18

Hunting Horn Silkbind Attacks

MHR Hunting Horn Build: Armor, Weapon, Stats & Skills (1)

The Hunting Horn features silkbind attacks, utilizing wirebugs for added maneuverability and mechanics in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). These attacks vary for each weapon and require wirebug charges, replenished by collecting bugs in the zones. They offer different benefits like damage negation and powerful monster staggering moves.

In the Sunbreak DLC, some old silkbind moves can be exchanged for new ones. Here are the main silkbind attacks for the Hunting Horn:

  • Slide Beat: Launches the player forward into a spin attack, useful for adjusting positioning and approaching monsters. Provides immunity to knockback and a minor strength boost during the animation.
  • Earthshaker: Infuses silk threads into a blade-like stake driver, plunging it into the monster. It deals additional damage with exploding sonic waves inside the target’s body.
  • Bead of Resonance: Can be swapped with Earthshaker. Places a cocoon wirebug on the ground that can play songs to strengthen healing or boost attack stats. It can cover long distances to aid teammates from afar.

Hunting Horn Melodies

MHR Hunting Horn Build: Armor, Weapon, Stats & Skills (2)

The melodies of the Hunting Horn offer crucial buffs during battles, enhancing its power significantly. These buffs can be automatically played by using the weapon alongside attacks or manually sung by inputting specific attack combos.

Melodies provide various benefits, from boosting resistance to increasing attack or health points, depending on the melody and situation. Some focus on amplifying weapon affinities, while others cater to specific monster types.

Each Hunting Horn in MHR features different melodies, encouraging experimentation with different horns to maximize effectiveness. Key melodies include “Mind’s Eye,” preventing attacks from bouncing off hard monster parts, and “Self-Improvement,” granting increased movement speed, crucial for all hunts.

MHR Hunting Horn Build: Armor, Weapon, Stats & Skills (3)

The Best Hunting Horn Build in MHR

There are quite a few builds to choose from for the hunting horn in the game. However, that is a discussion we will cover later down the road. For now, we are looking at the best hunting horn build of MHR. It is up-to-date with the Sunbreak expansion’s release. The build is designed to be the perfect entryway for the master rank.

The Dragon Heart Hunting Horn Build

As we mentioned before, the build focuses on letting players feasibly enter Sunbreak and Master Rank hunts. Most importantly, players can also use the build as a pre-sunbreak hunting horn build in MHR. What it means is that above Hunter Rank 100+, you will want to focus on making it your primary build for future hunts or events.

The build mainly concentrates on making sure you dish out unfiltered raw damage. That fact alone makes the dragon heart build one of the many strongest build choices to follow and use in the game. You can solely focus on farming parts of only one specific monster since the build relies on a single armor set in MHR.

In addition, from testing in-game, we can confirm that the build goes great with high DPS attacks. This makes it an excellent pair-up with the Earthshaker, as well as other swappable silk binding abilities. So, let’s look at the build and discuss the weapons that you can use with it, the armor and decorations, and your overall stats.

Weapons For Hunting Horn Build

MHR Hunting Horn Build: Armor, Weapon, Stats & Skills (4)

The main two weapons you are looking to use here are the Rampage Agitato S. You have the option to choose the Tigrex Horn as an optional choice for the build. Even after multiple patches to the game and with the release of the latest DLC, Sunbreak. These weapons are awesome for getting started in clearing the DLC content.

Rampage Agitato S

  • Crafted from Zinogre parts, a thunderous Fanged Wyvern weak to ice and water.
  • Ideal for clearing DLC content due to its strength and effectiveness.
  • Offers a wide range of attacks and elemental weaknesses.
  • Recommended for its ability to “hard-carry” through various game content.

Tigrex Horn

  • Crafted from Tigrex parts, a formidable monster weak to thunder and dragon elements.
  • Effective when targeting the head and forelegs to cause stumbling during charge attacks.

Rampage Weapon Skills

MHR Hunting Horn Build: Armor, Weapon, Stats & Skills (5)
  • Sharpness Type 3: Enhances sharpness level for increased damage output.
  • Non-elemental Boost: Boosts non-elemental weapon damage.
  • Attack Melody 2: Enhances attack melodies for improved damage output.
  • Alternatively, consider skills like Weakness Exploit or Attack Boost for increased damage potential.


  • Use the “Change Switch Skill” menu in the item box to customize weapon skills.
  • Unlock this feature by progressing through village quests, reaching three-star rank quests.

Skill Recommendations:

  • Focus on skills that enhance DPS and attack effectiveness.
  • Consider skills like Weakness Exploit and Attack Boost for increased damage output.
  • Tailor skills to suit your preferred playstyle or group dynamics if playing in a party.

Armor For Hunting Horn Build

MHR Hunting Horn Build: Armor, Weapon, Stats & Skills (6)

When it comes to it, the armor set for builds in the game is just as important as the weapons as they determine your overall defense stats and let you slot them with their skills and various types of decorations.

We will be using the Valstrax Armor set, which can be obtained by farming one of the endgame bosses in MHR. He is called Crimson Glow Valstrax, and it is an Elder Dragon, which is the toughest species found in the game.

The decorations in Monster Hunter are also known as Jewels. Do not worry about being overwhelmed at first glance with these, as they are essentially Mods or Attachments if you are familiar with other RPGs and games. These decorations provide additional damage or conditional boosts to various properties in the game.

While on the topic of them, you can farm these jewels from the endgame high rank or master rank hunts. Monster Hunter is notorious for the endgame progression, which is mostly centered around farming for the best jewels, so it can be a frustrating task to do. One that even veteran players get exhausted of doing after several hunts.

For now, let us discuss each armor set piece as well as the preferred jewels to equip them with. We suggest fully replicating the armor build to make the most out of your entire kit and provide optimal damage.


  • Materials: x5 Gleaming Shell, 2x Crimson Liquid, 2x Valstrax Claw+, 2x Rakna-Kadaki Glow-gut
  • Recommended Decoration: Critical Jewel 2, Steadfast Jewel 1

Chest Piece

  • Materials: 2x Valstrax Spineshell, 6x Shimmering Scale, 2x Rogue Spikewing, 2x Magna Soul Prism
  • Recommended Decoration: Critical Jewel 1, Steadfast Jewel 1


  • Materials: 6x Shimmering Scale, 2x Valstrax Claw+, 2x Valstrax Spineshell, 2x Teostra Powder
  • Recommended Decoration: Critical Jewel 2

Waist Armor

  • Materials: 6x Gleaming Shell, 2x Crimson Liquid, 2x Rouge Spikewing, 2x Bazelguese Fuse
  • Recommended Decoration: Expert Jewel 2

Leg Armor

  • Materials: 5x Gleaming Shell, 3x Valstrax Claw+, 2x Valstrax Tail, 1x Red Serpent Orb
  • Recommended Decorations: Expert Jewel 2, Steadfast Jewel 1


MHR Hunting Horn Build: Armor, Weapon, Stats & Skills (7)

Offers passive bonuses; obtained from Elder Fugen and can be upgraded for increased effects.

Best Talisman

Offers Critical Level 3 or other stats to increase raw damage; may have Dual Socket attributes for additional jewel slots.

By replicating this armor build and equipping recommended decorations and accessories, hunters can optimize their hunting horn build for maximum damage output and defense in Monster Hunter Rise.


The Dragon Heart hunting horn build is the best-preferred loadout to use if you want to quickly take down monsters with loads of damage on their different parts. But like most builds, it is not perfect by all means.

The slight disadvantages to the build may spur from the lack of defense options with it. Most of the deadly attacks will require you to perform quick evasive maneuvers. The fact that the greatest damage will be coming from your health being below the 80 percent threshold may throw some players off.

However, most crazy or High DPS builds in Monster Hunter Rise require you to be under limited conditions to be granted stacking damage numbers. But we assure you that it will destroy any kind of monster in a classic speed-run fashion andget you up to date in Sunbreak’s gateway content cleanup.

This wraps up our detailed guide on the best hunting horn build for MHR. We hope you are enjoying the latest release of the Sunbreak expansion on PC and that it lived up to your hype. If there is anything that we missed or if you have a question regarding the build, let us know in the comments below!

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MHR Hunting Horn Build: Armor, Weapon, Stats & Skills (2024)


MHR Hunting Horn Build: Armor, Weapon, Stats & Skills? ›

Try getting Attack Boost., Horn Maestro, and Weakness Exploit. Horn maestro is a must have. Slugger and Stamina Thief are great as well, even in multiplayer with the amount of hits you will be dishing to both the head and everywhere else that monster will get ko'd super fast and be forever hungry and slow.

What skills are good for hunting horns? ›

Try getting Attack Boost., Horn Maestro, and Weakness Exploit. Horn maestro is a must have. Slugger and Stamina Thief are great as well, even in multiplayer with the amount of hits you will be dishing to both the head and everywhere else that monster will get ko'd super fast and be forever hungry and slow.

Why is hunting horn unpopular? ›

In previous games, the Hunting Horn was much more difficult to use. Unlike its more popular cousin, the Hammer, the Hunting Horn lacked the raw damage that players would use to stun monsters into submission. Instead, each swing of this blunt weapon played a note, with each button representing a different tune.

Does hunting horn stack with food? ›

Good Hunting! I think the hunting horn health boost is taking the same boost as the food buff since both don't stack while food + skill do stack. Something to keep in mind.

How long does hunting horn buff last? ›

This lasts for 3 full minutes, or 4 minutes if you have Horn Maestro (always use it, it's only a 5 gem skill). You should never be hunting with this effect off, it's essential.

What is the strongest weapon type in Monster Hunter Rise? ›

The Longsword IS the best weapon in Monster Hunter Rise full stop and Sunbreak didn't change that. It's not the easiest for new players but is devastating once you master it.

What is the most used weapon in MHR? ›

1) Long Sword

The Long Sword is one of the most iconic weapons in the Monster Hunter series. Being one of the most widely used weapons in the game, it has received quite a few notable additions, which enhance its mobility and charge damage output significantly.

Do Hunting Horn melodies stack? ›

No. For balance purposes they do not stack. That's why it's advised to bring different songs on the party if you have more than one horn.

What are the Hunting Horn abilities in MHR? ›

The Hunting Horn gets three Switch Skills (when the player eventually gets to that part of the game). The player will unlock Bead of Resonance, Melodic Slap, and Melody Mode: Echo. Bead of Resonance replaces Earthshaker, Melodic Slap replaces Overhead Smash, and Melody Mode: Echo replaces Melody Mode: Performance.

Can hunting horn cut tails in Monster Hunter Rise? ›

Being a blunt weapon, it is normally impossible to cut tail of monsters, unless deliberately using the Hilt Stab attack.

What are some hunting skills? ›

Six Core Hunting Skills
  • MARKSMANSHIP. Marksmanship is an age-old skill and when done well, is part science, part practice and part art form. ...
  • MENTAL TOUGHNESS/PHYSICAL FITNESS. Hunters are a tough breed and they need to be. ...
  • BUSHCRAFT. ...
  • FIRST AID. ...
Jun 28, 2020

What skills do you get from hunting? ›

From staying patient to understanding the importance of preparation to learning from and sharing with others, hunting can make us wiser and more effective people. It teaches us how we can be successful in our everyday lives and our careers.

What type of instrument is a hunting horn? ›

It is called the “Trompe d'Orléans”. This natural horn is tuned in the D major key and has a 3 octave range. All musicians play the same kind of instrument, only the mouthpiece can be different. The hunting horn is made of a brass alloy, and weights only 750 gr.

What is a horn used by hunters? ›

The hunting horn

Horns were often used during hunting. These early brass instruments were round so that the hunter could put his arm through it and carry it on his shoulder and blow it while riding a horse. The riders could send messages to one another by blowing particular notes.

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